Weight Problems?

Overweight dogs and cats are estimated to make up one fifth of the pets in America.  While grooming your pet you should be able to feel the individual ribs on their sides.  Your pet should also have a narrow waist between the ribs and hips.  If you are unable to feel individual ribs or the presence of a narrowing waistline your pet is carrying too much weight.

Obesity is a serious health problem in pets.  It reduces mobility, makes illnesses worse and shortens their lifespan.  I believe healthy food served in the right portions is the key to solving the majority of pet health problems, obesity most importantly.

Porter’s Pride premium pet food is the ideal diet plan for pets.  By reducing your pets’ food intake according to their exemplary size and providing a varied, gluten free, premium pet food, a slow and healthy weight reduction will occur over time.  The healthy ingredients in Porter’s Pride will ensure all nutritional needs will be fulfilled during weight loss.  If at any time during your pets weight loss you feel unsure or concerned about their diet please contact me for a free consultation.  Together we can guide your pet to their optimal weight and improve the life of your pet.