No More Kibble

The ingredients in commercial pet food kibble are wheat, corn and low grade meat products.  Some common ingredients can even be waste products from other industries.  Kibble is made in large batches by mixing large quantities of sub-par ingredients together.  The resulting mush has a consistency of bread dough.  Next it is extruded into pellets that are cooked dry.  Since a good deal of the nutrients are cooked out during this process companies then go back and spray on a synthetic vitamin solution, along with preservatives and dyes.  Once dried it is packaged, warehoused and eventually shipped to retailers.  The kibble itself does have a long shelf life, unfortunately the added vitamin solution does not, so as the kibble ages the nutrient availability for your pet declines.


Commercial pet foods can sustain life but do they promote health?  Pet health and food quality are directly related and no amount of vitamin spray will ever replace quality ingredients.  Raw diets are optimal for our pets.  Porter’s Pride is a premium raw pet food made with only the finest local ingredients.  It is easy to use and your pet will love it.  The convenience of kibble is not worth the sacrifice to your pet’s health.  Serve Porter’s Pride raw pet food and improve the life of your pet.