Our Mission

My goal is to improve the life of your pet.   I started this process after adopting my dog Porter.  I didn’t have him long before I realized that Porter is a once in a lifetime pet.  He is smart, loving, loyal and a great family dog.  I wanted to give him the best food possible.  As I looked for a suitable pet food I began to question the health value of pet foods that were available.   Looking further I saw complete disregard of our pet’s health shown in routine pet food recalls from commercial dog food companies.  Fed up with the status quo I decided to make my own premium pet food.

Marzolf Meats is my family business founded in Washington. Having worked directly with farmers in our community for generations, I know I have access to the freshest, safest, healthiest meats.  As a fourth generation Custom Butcher I have helped farmers process their herds of cattle, assisted  hunters with their seasonal preparations of wild game as well as preparing seasoned, cured and processed meats.  With my background as a butcher and concern as a pet owner I make a superior pet food that concerned pet owners can trust to improve the life of their own, once in a life time pet.