“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.”
-William Cowper

Question: Before commercial dog food companies what did our pets eat?

Answer: Our table scraps, and anything else that they could find.

No matter what the contents of our pets’ ancestral diet it always had an element of variety.  The constant variation in food provides animals with abundant nutrition and vitamins for healthy metabolism and a long, disease free life.  To eat the same monotonous food for every meal is not only unappealing and unhealthy, it is not natural.


We suggest using an assortment of our recipes. The variety of species, combined with the change in gluten free ancient grains offered in Porter’s Pride recipes caters to the needed food diversity pets thrive on.  Use Porter’s Pride and the lessons taught by Mother Nature as your guide to improve the life of your pet.