Importance of an Ancestral Diet

Watch any nature show where canines or felines are eating prey and you can’t help but notice that they eat most everything including the skeletal muscle, tongue, heart, and digestive organs.

Animals like Wolves for example have been hunting large game for more than five million years.  The development of the predator/prey relationship can be seen in the canine anatomy.  For tracking prey dogs have a great sense of smell.  Dog’s canine teeth are great for latching on to the hide of an animal to bring it down.  Dogs have molars that are perfect for grinding and cutting tissue and crushing bone.  Dog species have also developed a stomach fitted for the gorging lifestyle that accompanies hunting large game.  It works like an accordion that spreads to accommodate large meals.  This provided wild dogs with the necessary energy to withstand the effects of hunger in the time period between meals.

Pets today do not need to fill their stomachs to meet their metabolic needs.  However, a dog’s development and overall health are linked to the food they eat.  Following an ancestral raw diet with Porter’s Pride will improve the life of your pet.